Duty of Candour

As a company we aim to be transparent. Below outlines the number of formal complaints and clinical incidents which have occured with the services which we deliver.

Below table is for the period 1/1/22 – 1/1/23

Formal complaintsClinical incidents
Nottingham Glaucoma service00
Nottingham Orhtoptic service 00
Nottingham Clinical assessment 00
Nottingham Low vision service00
Leciestershire CUE service00
Lecietershire pre & post cataract service00
Leciestershire suspect glaucoma & OHT00
North East & Yorkshire E-ers00
Bedfordshire, Luton & Milton Keynes E-ers 00

Further information on Duty of candour can be found on the CQC website.

Further information on NHS incident framework can be found here.

If you would like any further information from us around the Duty of candour, please get in touch